Friday, December 10, 2010

Breakfast at Ladurée

Ladurée, rue Bonaparte, quartier Saint Germaine des Prés, Paris 75006
My husband felt a sudden urge for a croissant aux amandes and Ladurée has the best in Paris.
We were seated in the chinaroom with painted walls with birds and ducks.
Hear my daughter rejoicing, "Duck, Duck!", her finger pointing.
Luckily, we were way too early for French late risers and had most of the room to ourselves.

My daughter eating l'œuf à la coque because French children eat l'œuf à la coque.
My daughter's doudou is also ready for l'œuf à la coque.
Mmmm, coffee. I got to drink part of it while it was still hot.
The pastry is not shown because it has already been eaten, sorry.

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