Just another ex-pat American mom writing a blog from Paris.

I met a wonderful French man at a café in Paris and now have two little ones who call me "Maman".

I am just grateful to live in Paris and this blog will give you weekly glimpses of why.  Sometimes it's the food, the architecture, fashion, the shops, the movement of an entire city.  Sometimes it's just coffee and croissants in the morning or my children switching from English to French mid-sentence.

This blog is in English because it's a blog and more of an escape than an intellectual activity.  Although, I will take the opportunity to confuse and or amuse you with random French phrases and references.  As I have two children and a background in art ( I worked for an international art gallery in New York once upon a time and have a degree from the Ecole du Louvre), you will find a lot of things about babies, children, and art usually with some link to Paris.  I hope you enjoy.

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