Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's!

Hotel Barrière in Deauville

This year we are staying in Paris for New Year's or le Réveillon as it is called here. In the époque pre-enfant my husband and I would get out of Paris and stay in a hotel Relais et Château somewhere for a 8 course gastronomic extravaganza.  We'd finish with cognac and my husband a cigar in front of a fireplace before almost passing out in our room.  But hey, back then we could sleep in.  When we had my son we opted for a couple nights at the Hotel Barrière in Deauville.  This hotel has a great set-up for children during the holidays.  They even organized a mini-réveillon just for the 3 and up, which included dinner, performers, arts and crafts.  Each room had it's own New Year's supplies: hats, streamers and confetti. In the morning we would wrap my son up in the mini hotel bathrobe just his size and head straight for the pool. The afternoon was spent on the beach.

La Plage, Deauville 

Happy New Year from Paris!

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