Friday, January 21, 2011

Bon Week-end: A surprise Get-Away

My husband is difficult to buy gifts for.  He loves food, he loves history, and he loves getting out of Paris on the week-ends because he also loves coming home to Paris.  For my husband's birthday (and it's one of those that end in 0!) I'm taking him, the kids, and for the first time - a babysitter (total luxury!) on a surprise week-end getaway.  So far he has absolutely no idea.  We can't go far, so we are hardly even leaving at all.  I will tell you that it involves lots of French art and architecture, haute-gastronomie, and a pool.  I'll share some pictures next week.

What are you up to this week-end?

Go see Monet at midnight.  "Claude Monet, 1840-1926" will be open 24 hours at the Grand Palais for it's final week-end. 

Check out this great photo color series of Paris from Little Brown Pen. Golden Brown, Grey, A Little Pink.  So far Grey is my favorite.

Decorate at the Salon Maison & Objet, January 21st - 25th

According to a recent poll, the French are the world's most pessimist people.  Find out what's got them down at Lost in Cheeseland.

Shop if you have any money left - I don't!  I actually haven't even bought anything, yet.  The sales are still on and prices will be dropping further.  How do Parisian shoppers do it - read here.

Valentine's Day is in 24 days!  Here's a post about surviving Valentine's Day in Paris.  I'll have to start thinking about that next week.

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