Friday, January 28, 2011

Bon Week-end

Fashion week has come to a close, which means I can stop having to dodge tall skinny models on the sidewalks and feeling completely démodée.  See images of the week here.  I also, shockingly wasn't invited to this party at rue Royale in Paris.

Also this week, I accidently ruined a picture Guillaume Canet was taking at Place des Vosges as my daughter and I walked right in front of his lense.  My apologies, Guillaume.

This made me laugh this week: My Kid is Gifted.
Made me smile: Rides a Bike
This makes me want shoes and gelato simultaneously. (And I've eaten in that restaurant.)
Made me crave pastries.
Ready to move in here.

I took these photos walking my son home from school yesterday.  Is there anything more exciting for a four-year-old boy then a boat carrying cars going under a bridge! I'm so lucky that this is my walk home.
Merci Paris...

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