Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cute costumes for kids

These children's costumes from My Little Day are really adorable. My little girl is just beginning to play at dress-up, which is perfect for cold winter days at home.  I usually construct little costumes out of paper and tape, but would love to have the time to sew some of my own.  Until then I am enjoying looking at these.

Oh and Mardi Gras will be coming up soon in France. French children are more likely to be seen in costume on this day than Halloween, which has yet to really be adopted here. This year the carnival falls on March 8th. Children usually wear costumes to school and then parade with their class in the street.

My Little Day is a French e-boutique that sells children's party supplies.  You'll find everything from these costumes, garlands and balloons to party favors and age specific party game packs.

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