Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Countdown to Valentine's Day: 13 Days

Have you seen Amour graffiti around Paris. It lines the city pavement in unexpected places.  Amour, Amour, Amour... I see it less and less these days, but every once in a while I still come across one and it makes me smile.  I only recently heard the story behind it.   They are the lines of a broken hearted man, Jean-Luc Duez,  left by his ladylove.  He began by writing, "Je t'aime" along the pavement in front of his lost love's home and along the path that she took to work.  Again, and again and again, Je t'aime.  Eventually, after being ordered to stop, his hope took on a new form.  He decided to address a whole city and its inhabitants and began writing, Amour, just one word hidden around a corner, on a bench, on a post waiting to be seen.  

Perhaps you will find one the next time you walk the streets of Paris.  

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  1. Loving all of your Valentine's Day related posts! This one is especially adorable--reminds me of the hearts I found outside Jasmin Metro.


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