Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Où est Charlie (Where's Waldo)

 Musée d'Orsay

Piscine Pontoise

Opéra Garnier

 Les Jardins du Luxembourg
French photographer duo Max & Charlotte have taken on the classic, Where's Waldo (by Martin Handford) or in French, Où est Charlie, to a real life Parisian scale.  They have composed a series of 13 images, each taking one month to produce, in iconic Paris locations.  See the whole series in large scale format and find Charlie (and more) for yourself. 

- Charlie, un personnage grand et maigre, avec un pull à rayures rouges et blanches, des lunettes et un bonnet.
- Félicie : la soeur jumelle quasi à l’identique de Charlie.
- Pouah : version maléfique de Charlie, dans un costume de bagnard jaune et noir.
- un os géant : pour remplacer le chien de Charlie absent de notre série.
- un poids rouge : Un petit poids de sportif rappelant un peu le parchemin dans le livre.
    - la canne : Charlie l’a sur lui dans les livres. Dans cette série, il l’a égarée. 


  1. This is marvelous. What a fun way for my kids to learn about Paris. I found you via Design Mom--I'm intrigued by the American mama bloggers living in France. I have to live vicariously through all of you because my middle schooler would never forgive me if I moved the family to France. C'est la vie. I'd like to read more from you and Gabrielle about how they feed children in France. I'm always trying to improve my family's diet. :-)

  2. Hi Shannon, Thanks for commenting. In France meals are very important. People don't snack (except for children at 4pm) so when it is time to eat, everyone sits down at the table for a full meal. I live in Paris, so there is a bit more variety, but generally the French stick to the fruits and vegetables that are in season. We do a lot of shopping at our local street market. The kids are on vacation now, but I'll post some school menus in a week, which are a lot of fun so check back.


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