Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sports camps in Paris for Children

My son is attending soccer/tennis day camp for this last week of February vacation and he's very excited.  Did I mention he was excited - he's been talking about it every day for the last month.  
There aren't many classes for 3-4 year-olds in Paris so when we found Energy Academy we were instantly interested and drove out for a visit. Energy Academy is just outside of Paris and offers both indoor and outdoor tennis, soccer, golf and loisirs for children and teens - and transportation!  

The founder/director of the Academy, a consultant for tennis education for young children in the United States, has created a solid pedagogical program for young children based on children's educational theory and psychology. His entire staff is also given practical and theoretical teaching instruction (which I am not sure all public school teachers receive!). Energy Academy is also an affiliate of the Fédération Française de Tennis, which means children can eventually go on to play professionally if they are so inclined.   

At first we were worried about the transportation and traffic and how our young son would take to it.  It turns out he loves it.  The vans are equipped with car seats, video and earphones, a very nice driver, and they run like clock work!  When my son came home yesterday from camp he ate like a teen-age boy and then went to bed so profoundly that I don't think a fire alarm could have woken him.  Love it!

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