Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deyrolle in Paris

(Photos by Bastien Lattanzio for Opening Ceremony)

      After I pick my son up from school we have about an hour to kill before picking up my daughter.  It's not enough time to go home, so I like to find a new place to take him each day.  I keep souvenirs and take photos so that one day he and I can fondly look back on all those mom and son visits in Paris.  
    A couple weeks ago I took him to Deyrolle, which is a 170 year-old establishment on the rue du Bac  specializing in taxidermy.  I know that this may not sound appealing at first, but it truly is an exceptional place and dearly beloved by the French.  So beloved that when a fire rampaged the building a few years back some big names (Hermès for one) got together to rebuild it à l'identique.  Today, if you go inside and climb the stairs to the upper floor you will discover a world like no other, filled with lions, giraffes, pelicans and butterflies.  My son was completely transported to a realm where all happily coexist.  I think it marked him more than any zoo visit we have ever taken - including our trip to Africa last year.  The one catch is that photography is not permitted inside the boutique. In order to preserve the moment, I bought my son a blank journal that we filled with drawings of the things we had seen that day.  When he looks at it he excitedly recounts our visit.
    When I came across the new collection by Opening Ceremony in collaboration with Deyrolle, I though I should share.  Here are some images from the lookbook that were photographed inside of the boutique.

Click here for video and more photos below.

You can buy the polar bear for a mere 45,000 euros.  The animals are also available for rental.

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