Thursday, March 3, 2011

La new Gaîté Lyrique

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La Gaîté lyrique opened it's doors yesterday after 6 years of renovations.  The historical theatre once held operetta's by Offenbach and Diaghilev's Russian Ballet designed by Cocteau and decorated by Picasso before being turned into an amusement park and finally closing in 1989. The new public institution is dedicated to digital creation in all its forms: music, art, design and video. The 9,000 m2space boasts two concert halls (one of which seats 700 and is flanked by a 360˚ degree screen), a café, a multimedia resource center, and an interactive room dedicated to video.  The latter must be the room I've been hearing about where your steps trigger musical notes as you walk across it.  My kids are going to love that!   

Free concerts including United Visual Artists thru March 6th.  Check out the full schedule here.

3 bis rue Papin, Paris 3rd

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