Friday, April 1, 2011

Poisson d'avril !

Fish at the Marché Richard Lenoir

It's April Fools' Day (Poisson d'avril or April Fish in English) in France.  
You may just end up with a paper fish stuck to your back as the traditional jest of the day.


  1. Hello,

    Ooh, I'm not sure what to think about that fish? I just found your blog and thought I would let you know how interesting it is. I have added you to my blog list and am now following you.

    I am lover of all things French and I guess a francophile. LOL I love the pictures of your children...they are ADORABLE.

    How lucky you are to be able to live in France. Sigh...My husband 's job took him to Europe several years ago and I had the pleasure of visiting England, Italy, Belgium, and France for a weekend. We stayed in the West Bank and while it was a short visit I have always thought I would love to live there.

    I am looking forward to reading your posts and hope you will stop by and visit mine. My blog is relatively new and like you a mixture of all sorts of topics. I find it much more interesting to write about many topics than having one theme. Your photos are GREAT!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like the blog. I just took a little blogging break and thank you for your comment - It's good to know you are out there. I will definitely check out your bog as well.


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