Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 days till Christmas

Filament, 10 rue Lesdiguières, Paris 4th

We've been running around all morning getting last minute shopping down. It's been frantic since we realized one child had more gifts than the other. And with all the snow, mail delivery is no longer assured. We just picked up a couple things at this wonderful boutique in the Marais called Filament. The store is probably mostly known for their trademark handmade baby slippers, which you can find for sale here.
We were greeted by the owners, Anne Grimbert and Thomas Baudeau, a couple in costume (circus performer and fairy, I think) wrapping gifts and packing large orders all the while smiling in what could actually be a very stressful moment. This boutique seems to have everything that you could want this season - that is if you snatch it up before the person beside you. Don't hesitate to ask for something, however, for as small as the boutique looks they fit more than you expect inside. It's almost like magic. If only they could get their internet site running so smoothly.

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