Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Too late for Holiday Cards

I missed the boat for Christmas card this year. I wish I had ordered those beautiful letterpress holiday cards or had a family portrait taken. In France everything seems to take longer or just be a bit more complicated. And I would have had to send them out by December 1st. For Holiday mail you must count a minimum 3 weeks from Paris to the West Coast. Under those circumstances my daughter would have appeared about 2 months younger than she is now, which is a lot for an under 2 year-old. This year, I'll be sending out Paperless Post. At least a little imagination is going into the e-mail holiday greeting. You choose the fonts and graphics, even a picture if you like. Whenever something comes up last minute I always choose this option. I love that there is still an envelope to open and a card to take out. Very cool.

We will also be making a little video to send family. Of course, it couldn't possibly be as cool as this one from the Fosters that I saw over at DesignMom.

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  1. I too ran out of time to send physical holiday cards this season and decided to use the Paperless Post design of the Paris skyline. I sent them out last week and everyone thinks I came up with the design! Paperless Post is great!


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