Tuesday, December 7, 2010

L'Abre de Noël

We picked our tree up at the market last Sunday to the great delight of one little boy and girl. My poor husband got the job of lugging it home over his shoulder. Once nicely installed in a corner of our living room, it became apparent that it was heavily leaning to one side and slightly too tall. My son recommended that we cut off the top like in Mr. Willoby's Christmas, the story that we had read the night before. As for the leaning, there wasn't much we could do. In France the Christmas tree stand is just a log with a hole that the stump is forced into. This makes any adjustments nearly impossible. Sigh. And while looking down at my 16 month-old, I also quickly realized that all of our beautiful glass ornaments would be staying in their boxes this year. All was not lost. My son quickly took to work coloring and cutting ornaments out of tag board which we punched with holes and hung with ribbon. He got the idea from Curious George, he said. The Chirstmas book advent calendar was definitely a success.

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