Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa's surprise visit & Bonnes Vacances!

Yesterday was my son's school Christmas Party. After an hour and a half of multilingual christmas carols, Santa made a surprise visit. He climbed in through the 2nd story window (that's the 3rd floor in the States). Let's just say the kids were over the moon. He had a large sack and called each child by name to receive a small gift. My son was the very last child called up. You can imagine his anticipation.

French schools (and day-cares) are officially on break. Bon Courage les parents ! I'll still be posting for a bit as we won't be leaving Paris until the 24th for a La Rochelle Christmas with my husband's parents. I should have some fun photos from our trip before the New Year.

Bonnes vacances to many of you who are heading home to wherever that may be. And hope you make it out. There are 3cm of snow and planes are delayed and roads are closed.

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