Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Château de Versailles with Kids

We spent Sunday at the Château de Versailles with our two children.  Visiting the Château with kids can be a daunting experience, but I must say everything went rather smoothly. First of all, the kids had had their naps, eaten, and taken potty trips before we even attempted our visit.  I bought our tickets in advance and we were happy to find no lines at the security check where we were obliged to leave our stroller.  This would not be the case during the month of June mind you.

My son was very interested in the fact that this was where the King lived.  All the more impressive after a week of being crowned by a whole series of galettes des rois.  He loved the King and Queen's bed chambers and the Galerie des BataillesMy daughter wanted to move and luckily it wasn't so crowded that we had to keep her in our arms.  She happily walked from room to room holding her big brother's hand. Luckily, when she did begin to fuss a little she noticed the ceilings were painted and this completely captivated her for the rest of the visit.

Of course there was so much more to see...
More photos later of the gardens and the Hameau de la Reine.

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