Thursday, January 6, 2011

French Treat of the Week: La Galette des Rois

My son has come home everyday this week with a crown on his head.  They've been serving the Galette des Rois at school which is the traditional dessert served for Epiphany.  My husband came home the other night with his own galette from Gérard Mulot that could have served 12.  Sometimes his eyes are bigger than his stomach or maybe it was just the last one.  In any case it was delicious.  So why are kids so ecstatic about this galette.  Well, it's not just that it is really good - there is a fève hidden inside.  A fève is a dried lima bean, which has today been replaced by a little figurine, or for them, a prize.  Traditionally the youngest child is suppose to hide under the table while the galette is cut and then the child chooses a slice for each member of the family.  Whoever finds the fève gets crowned and there you have your "Roi".  Luckily, they gave us two crowns at the patisserie so each of my little ones got to be royal.  But, can you please tell me why the fève is always in the last piece!

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