Friday, January 7, 2011

Palais de Tokyo with Kids Part II: Atelier Tok-Tok/Contes

Tok-Tok/ Contes 
Palais de Tokyo

Atelier for children only
Ages 3-5
Sundays at 3pm
6 euros
French language
(1hour - 1h30min)
Info and Reservations


• Space & Resources (5/5 points, The atelier is just off the main hall and is equipped with drawing supplies, desks, musical instruments and games all from Habitat. There is also a video station and story-time nook. Very clean and organized.)
• Animaters (5/5 points, Kid-friendly and professional)
• My kid's review (5/5 points, He didn't want to leave the atelier.) 

My son went to his first Atelier Tok-Tok/Contes over the winter break.  I'm never sure if it will go over well when I drop him off for a class on his own, but this was a huge success.  First of all, my son was quickly greeted by a cheerful and lively staff member that knew exactly how to peak his attention as he was whisked quickly away to the story-nook.  

Tok-Tok/Contes is destined for children aged 3-5.  The atelier is driven around the adventures of Miss Tok-Tok who has many friends including a giant escargot.  The narrative changes every week but is always filled with lots of imagery and onomatopeic game play.  

So we happily waved goodbye to our son who was already exploring the room like a young Christopher Columbus and didn't bother to wave back and headed over to the restaurant Tokyo Eats with our youngest.  When we returned to pick up my son a little over an hour later he was excitedly coloring a huge snail and categorically refused to leave.  Good sign I'd say.  We were encouraged to make use of the space ourselves and my youngest sat down to draw as well.  An atelier we will gladly return to.

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