Friday, January 7, 2011

Bon Week-end

(Via Pinterest under "stressed")

It's been a really LONG week and I am glad it is Friday.  

This week I was featured in Taste of Garlic.  Thanks for the link love, though I think I have to update my bio.

For art and fashion enthusiasts check out this awesome color comparison series from MissMoss and while you are at it check out this short documentary about the Sartorialist.

This weekend if you are in the Yvelines pick up a galette des rois here - you could find the diamond hidden in one of 400.

Watch Isabelle Carré in this video of Angus and Julia's Big Jet Plane or go see the movie Les Emotifs and tell me how it is.

Buy something on sale for your kids or take them here.

This week-end I am going to attempt to make this for dinner, then for lunch.  Don't you love meals that keep on giving.

And I am going to try and stop laughing about this post from David Lebovitz.  Do you ever read something that makes you laugh so much that you laugh about it again when you are alone and walking down the street and then get embarrassed realizing that you are laughing out loud alone and in the street.  And this post was from 2008!  Thank you David for almost making me pee my pants.

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