Friday, March 11, 2011

French School Menus

I promised I would share some of my son's school lunch menus.  Sometimes I wish I could join him for lunch. He's in a private school in Paris this year, but he went to a French public school last year and the menus are relatively similar.  There are always multiple courses and a selection of French cheeses, an attention to seasonal items and organic foods.   By the way, this is the menu at a preschool, so this is what 3, 4 and 5 year-olds eat.
Here is what he ate for the last two weeks.

The French make it sound so much more romantique, but if you don't read French, here's a loose translation:

Monday: Grated carrot salad, Tomato-basil Chicken, French green beans, Edam cheese, Petit Filou (yogurt)
Tuesday: Red cabbage salad with vinaigrette, Fish and cream sauce, Spring vegetables, Vache qui rit (cheese), Seasonal fruits
Thursday: Organic orange juice, organic beef lasagna, organic Gouda, organic chocolate cream
Friday: Cucumber salad with vinaigrette, Salmon gratin with leeks, Fruit yogurt
Monday: Tapanade pasta salad, Chicken Nuggets, Vegetable batonettes, yogurt, seasonal fruit
Tuesday: Endive and blue cheese salad, sautéed fresh vegetable chicken (or turkey), potato-carrot puree, fromage blanc (thick yogurt), chocolate mousse
Thursday: organic quinoa salad, organic tomato and basil meatballs, fromage blanc, organic apple compote
Friday: Beet salad with vinaigrette, Hake with shrimp sauce, saffron rice, chanteneige (cheese), Yogurt pastry tentation!


  1. My absolute biggest shock about the French school system when I started teaching there was in the lunch line. Even outside of Paris, the emphasis on healthy, delicious lunches was beyond belief.

  2. Just another reason to be happy to live here.

  3. who makes the food! i would love to know!


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