Monday, March 14, 2011

On Avenue Montaigne, Paris

It's not one of our usual hang-outs, but we happened to walk around Avenue Montaigne this week-end.  Have you ever arrived at a café or restaurant for lunch with kids and the 20 year-old hostess has the nerve to tell you that they can't seat you because all of the empty tables in front of you are reserved? Ok, yes, we have kids and no, I do not want to go eat at the Chicago Pizza Factory on the Champs l'Elysées. This is why my French husband rocks. No never means no to a Frenchmen. He promptly went inside and asked (politely demanded) to be seated. I respect that people want to enjoy their meals without screaming children - so do we. We wouldn't have attempted this had it been the evening or had the restaurant been full or if our children were moody. Our kids did behave fantastically during the meal while the 15 or so other tables remained empty. My son was even rewarded with dessert.

If you are wondering, my son is eating a moelleux au chocolat.  And, yes, it is absolutely amazing.  It's like a magnificent choclate cake, that when you pierce it, a chocolately fudgy goodness slowly oozes out.  Read more about it here.
Now say it with me: mwa leu
It means soft moist and sweet.

1 comment:

  1. LOve your husband!
    And moelleux de chocolat....yummmmmmmmmm... could it all the time :)
    not a nice experience but good you made a point!!!


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