Monday, March 14, 2011

Palais de la découverte

We took the kids to the Palais de la découverte this weekend to see the exhibition Très toucher, a sensory explosion for all small children. We were so excited to go - an exhibit that actually demands that your shoes be taken off before entering and that children DO touch everything! Despite all good intentions, we got out later than we had hoped and when we arrived there was already a 45-minute wait for the exhibit.  Some days you just don't have the courage! We did spin thru the other exhibits, which included electric fish, the school of mice, cricket calls, our solar system, electromagnetic activity and a contraption with seats that spins you around.  
We had some good fun, but I will have to do a proper post on this museum another time.  It is definitely worth a visit - just look at the building!

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