Thursday, February 24, 2011

An everyday walk in Paris.

Through a small corner door that leads into a courtyard...
Today, I thought I would invite you to take a walk with me in Paris, a walk that I take everyday, that makes me smile and think "merci, paris..."

of the Hôtel de Sully on a very grey day.
 A huge wall covered with vines.  If you listen it sings - at least a hundred birds call it their home.
And if you look closely you will see the first buds of spring, though it's a bit early I'd say.
 My children run here like it's their back yard.  I suppose it is in a way.
Sometimes we place them between the hedges and let them run in cirlces - no one seems to mind.  
 It drizzled for much of the day.  It gives the city a sort of glow and makes me a bit nostalgic.  
I am from Seattle after all.
As you pass through another tiny passage leading from one courtyard to the next don't forget to look up.  The ceilings are just beautiful.
And a little greeting and a look back.

And then a last passage to the rue Saint Antoine where I must run an important errand.
 Some butter from the butter aisle.  This is France after all and even butter has its connaisseurs.
And some yogurt from the yogurt aisle - hmmm, how to choose...
Then little winding streets 
and passages
that lead me to you.  Ma petite puce et son petit chat, comme tu m'as manqué.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and love love love this post. I take my little boy to the Hotel de Sully and on a very similar walk each time we come to visit my mother-in-law. I am now already dreaming about my trip in June. Thank you for posting. Brings to mind sweet memories and future plans.


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